The positions of Russian anarchist fugitives on War World II


Τhe responsibility of some countries for the outbreak of World War II has been one of the central topics of discussion in recent years, both within the academic community and among political activists. We believe that the effort to find the root of today’s problems in historical processes and events of the past, to turn our attention to the lessons of the past, is very important. The article argues that the desire to accelerate the fall of the Stalinist regime paradoxically led the anarchists to express solidarity with the Soviet Union during World War II. At the same time, Maximov referred to the expansionist foreign policy of the Great Powers as a factor that led to a new world tragedy, and his supporters assessed fascism as the main culprit for the global conflict. In addition, they blamed the elites of Great Britain, France and the USSR for encouraging the expansion of Germany and Italy in the various stages that followed. Τhe ruling circles of the USSR were not considered to be the main culprits in these events.