The keyword against -isms. The conditions for the completion of a quiet revolution.


It is evident by now that digital technology has reached such a high degree of development both at the technological and social levels, that most of the results of the quiet revolution it provokes are visible to everyone. Although it seemed that this situation would monopolize the characteristics of the 21st century, the Covid-19 pandemic has changed the conditions. Eventually those two situations, like two different filters, are influencing the remaining predictable conditions, created directly by man, such as the crisis of capital, the insufficiency of important political personalities in almost every field except maybe in science, and the particularly threatening geopolitical instability. Is there a tool that could describe this environment in crisis, in such a way that it could allow the conduct of conclusions or action proposals as in past centuries? There is no easy answer to such an important question. The present article is an effort to describe some particular features which could contribute to the formation of an ideal environment for the creation of such a tool.